Monday, March 12, 2012

Look Who We Met Today!!!

If you have a TV or have read a newspaper or just breathed American oxygen in the last year or so you probably know who this lady is standing along side the Cutts family.  That's right, just about two hours ago we met

Ann Romney!

What a fantastic lady!  It really was a pleasure.  In case you are wondering the man in the photo is not my husband John but is our cousin who is also named John.  John (our cousin) is on the National Campaign and it was so fun to see him and visit with him as he coordinated this event.  It was really neat to talk with him about what it's like to be on a campaign and working with the Romney's so closely.  They really are great people.

We met Mrs. Romney at a meet and greet in Birmingham.  The enthusiasm in the room was fun.  Mrs. Romney spoke for a little while about who her husband is.  She described him as someone who believes in being the best in the job you have and that he has consistently done that with every job he's had since she's known him.

The thing that related to me the most was when she told a story about how her boys used to be so naughty {Been there!}.  And she would be stressed out a lot {I hear that!}.  She said that Mitt said to her something along the lines of, "My job is important but yours is most important." {Awwww! and a great big Amen!}  As the only person in the room brave enough to bring a 4 year old AND a baby {Why am I insane?} who were very naughty all morning up until the event {Thank you Cheerios for your silencing effect on children} you can see where this warmed my heart a little.  So I promise to be the best in the job I have, raising these two little monsters.

She said more things that were great and campaign related and then we got to meet her, shake her hand, take pictures etc.  Really a great lady.


Maggie and our sweet friend Sam who volunteered at the event.  This wasn't the cheering type of event but afterward we did teach Maggie to hold the sign and chant "Romney, Romney" it was pretty cute with her teeny little voice.

We are sad we didn't get to go to the big Romney event last Friday but have you seen this cute picture all over the media in the last couple of days?  I've been seeing it everywhere.

Yeah.  That's totally our friends new baby!  I just had to share.  :) 

It sure has been a fun couple of days here in Alabama!

{If you're for Romney in the next election you can buy campaign buttons, bumper stickers and t-shirts online at Amazon.}


  1. So, I have to tell you a story :) When I was Maggie's age my parents took me to a rally for George Bush. He was walking through the crowd shaking hands and I was so excited to meet him. He didn't see me because I was so little and I was really disappointed. But who should see this happening? His dear wife Barbara. She came over and talked to me and my mom and made me feel much better. These are the kinds of women who make great first ladies.
    I have always looked back on this with happiness and I'm betting that Maggie will too (especially if he wins!)

  2. Hilary that story is so cool! What a great memory to have!

  3. I'm back to say Hi,and to tag you so we can all learn a little more about you and your blog. Have fun...


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