Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Paper Bag Cowboy Costumes

If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas and you're as cheap and lazy as I am then here is the costume for you!

Introducing -

Paper Bag Cowboy Costumes

Me and Johnny boy rockin' it pre-kids {I'm 6 mo. pregnant here}

Would you like to know how much these costumes cost? 

$0 dollars

How long did it take me to make both costumes?

less than 30 minutes

I really feel like Halloween costumes should be free or almost free, repurposed from something else  or they need to serve a year round purpose.  I've never seen any point in expensive, elaborate costumes that you'll never touch again.  That's what wedding dresses are for.

These paper bag costumes are something I've done several times and they always are a hit {I've probably done this costume 3 or 4 times}.  People think they are hilarious and I've usually made them last minute.  One time a little girl even came up to my husband and said, "Hi Woody.  Hi other girl."  Ha ha! They are super simple.  These would also make for great play clothes for the kiddies anytime.  This is also an easy way to make an Indian costume.

For the vest:
  1. Lay paper bag flat and draw a design of a vest and cut it out.  If you're making one for an adult use as much of the bag as you can.
  2. Crumple up the vest and then uncrumple it and smooth it out.  If you take the time {unlike us} to do this a few times you can really get it to look like leather.
  3. Turn the paper bag inside out {so the store logo is on the inside} and decorate however you want.  You can draw on detail, cow print, sheriff badges, etc.
For the chaps:
  1. Cut out 2 pieces 1 for each chap.
  2. Crumple up the chaps just like in #2 for the vest {above}.
  3. Use scissors to cut fringe along the outside of each chap.
  4. Punch holes in the top of the chaps and string yarn through the holes.  Tie around waist.
For the belt buckle:
  1. Cut out an oval from cardboard.
  2. Cut out your initial from cardboard and attach to oval.
  3. Cover the whole thing in tinfoil.
  4. Attach to the yarn on the chaps with duct tape.

I've also made guns before by cutting out a gun shape from cardboard while leaving room for a barrel.  For the barrel I use part of a toilet paper roll and attach it with tape.  Then I covered the whole thing in tin foil.  If I have time I'll also make a tiny cowboy hat from the scraps that I keep on my head with a yarn tie.  I wish I had a picture to show you.  Oh well.

So get creative and have fun!  That's what Halloween is all about!

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