Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Words: Breaking Dawn {No spoilers, don't worry}

Yes, It's 3am.  Yes, I'm actually blogging.  Yes, I just had a huge Twilight party with my friends.  Yes, I stayed up late to watch Breaking Dawn.  Yes, I am fully aware that I am a complete nerd.

Y'all - I just had the best night.  I cannot wait to show you the pre-party we planned it was so great.

Breaking Dawn was just SO GOOD!  I loved it!  I felt like it stayed true enough to the book and in some ways was even better.  The CGI/make-up or whatever they did to Bella was unlike anything I have ever seen.  Incredible!

I won't spill everything I'll let you watch the movie for yourself but I will leave you with my new favorite quote.  This is getting embroidered onto something the first chance I get!  I know... I'm a dork but I'm a sucker for a good romance especially when Edward Cullen is involved!!!  And yes, I totally hopped on and made a little quote picture thing as soon as I possibly could.  What can I say??  I'm in love!

{Feel free to print this quote if you would like.  If you're having trouble clicking and saving it,
let me know and I can make an easier to print version for you.}



Oh yeah, and don't forget to stay through the credits!!  You won't want to miss anything!

Did you watch the movie yet?? 

What did you think????


  1. Ummm..your blog is so cute!! seriously I need a blog lesson. I wanna put those buttons on mine ("about me" and stuff like that) but I cannot figure it out! Love your design!!!

  2. I read this post against my better judgement. Thanks for making me dry-heave.

  3. Thanks Mekelle! I will totally help you out. There is so much I want to do with my blog design but I just haven't learned how yet.

    Alicia- I knew I could always count on you for a good Twilight hate. Boo! :)


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