Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Real Deal

Family Ever After is hosting a photo competition. But it's not just any photo or the best photography. It's a photo showing you in you in all your domestic glory, doing what you do best at home.

Now, I never want anyone in blog land to get the wrong impression about me, and think that I have my (ahem) together. Because I don't. Not at all. The truth is my house is a mess!!! And I hate it! I spend all day cleaning but by the end it looks like a war zone. Partly because hurricane Maggie and tornado Jack have this amazing ability to Tasmanian Devil everything around them. How do they do it? HOW?

Also have you noticed that everything takes a million times longer when you have little kids around? It takes an hour just to empty the dishwasher. Take out one dish - "Mom can I have some milk?" Take out another dish "Guys! Stop fighting!" Take out another, "Mom I gotta go potty". You know how it is.

So my domestic picture submission is not going to be like others who might be baking and wearing cute non-stained outfits (My kids are under the impression that I am a napkin). No. My picture is of the real deal, of what I look like every day -

Me pulling my wet tangled hair out and screaming as I am surrounded by a thousand daily messes.
Please tell me I am not alone.


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  2. You are not alone. This is totally what I look like! And I hear you on being used as a napkin . . . I get these cute hugs from my boys every once in a while and think, "aww, what sweet boys I have" and then they start wiping their faces back and forth on me. So very sweet. Riiiight. Way to put real life out there!

  3. I'd hide that picture if it was me!!! But I have been there. Oh wait.... it was with you and your brothers. Add another kid in the mix and we can talk about how bad it is!!!!! Love you. This will pass. Nonie

  4. Now that I am seeing this picture of you again, I must say I am a little scared!!!!! Nonie


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