Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Posting at U-Create Today!

I told you that the Bubble Ruffle Tu-Tu tutorial was coming this week and in a BIG way but I bet you didn't think it would be this big!  I mean, UCreate?!  That's like the craft blog equivalent of appearing on the the Tonight Show!  I've been giddy for days.  My mom is like, "Yes dear, I'm excited for you but please stop calling me every 5 minutes to remind me about it."  Sorry mom.  I just can't contain my excitement!

For the tutorial I created another skirt, the pink one, and I think I might love it more than the first one.  It's definitely Maggie's rock and roll wild child style.  I also made the heart shirt several months ago but I have yet to have blogged about it.  I just cut down an old shirt of mine and appliqued a pink heart on it {also from an old tee}.

But enough about all of that.  Head on over to UCreate and check out the tutorial!  EEEEKKK!!!

* If you're visiting for the first time I'd love it if you stuck around and followed along.  We have some good times around here and I'd hate for you to miss out.  You should find all you need to follow in the bar on the right.


  1. Soooo love this skirt. I hope I can actually pull it off. Thanks for guest posting on UCreate. =)

  2. Thanks for the amazing skirt. So adorable!

  3. My kids are big now...:-(

    I might have to make this for myself and wear it around the house when no on is looking. ;-)


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