Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The School Tee

Here's another fun t-shirt idea for kids {or even grown up kids too!} The School Tee.

I've seen this idea floating around the internet for a while so this Christmas I made one for Mags.  It was REALLY easy.

I painted blue stripes every inch or so across the whole shirt.  I left it streaky because that was always the lined paper I liked but if you want yours more solid a paint pen would work really nicely.  I then added a more solid red line down the side.  For the holes I just colored them in with a permanent marker.

Now I don't know about you but I wasn't always the most studious or focused.  My former school mates can testify.  So instead of notes on my papers they were most definitely filled with scribbles.  This tee needed scribbles.  Using a fine tipped permanent marker I drew a few little scribbles to make this tee a little more personalized.

Sadly, Miss Mags got to wear her special tee in public only once, on New Years Eve.  After a nice family outing to a UAB basketball game she cut the palm of her hand.  8 hours and 3 stitches later, we rang in the New Year in the ER.  Yay.  Let's just say, the shirt got a little ruined in all the excitement.  Guess that just means I have an excuse to make another one!

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  1. cute shirt, too bad she only got to wear it once! :o( I recently made a duvet for my daughter that looks like lined notebook paper.

  2. What a cute shirt idea!! Visiting from CSI.


  3. This is too cute! I really like it and want to make one for myself now.

  4. SOOO SOO Cute! I love this idea! So fun. Stopping by from The CSI Project.

  5. Too cute! Visiting from CSI Project.


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