Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gold Chevron Tote {tutorial}

Do you have one of those friends that you love to death but you never get to see them because you're both so busy?  Mine is Sabrina.  It just seems like the stars never align for us.  But this past Friday they did align and we spent the whole day crafting, and eating, and laughing and crying.  Love her.

Well, Sabrina has this habit of spoiling me and my children and one of the many things she brought were some fun neon canvas totes.  After a sewing fail, I got burned out and decided to switch to paint.  And that my dears is the story of how the Gold Chevron Tote was born. 

Now you may remember I tried painting a similar-ish type thing with my old door mat.  I didn't measure a dang thing and though it turned out okay, I vowed to measure things the next time so the pattern wasn't so off.

You can read about the herringbone mat HERE.

I vowed to change but I had to be true to myself and let's face it, I AM LAZY.  I'm also not a perfectionist.  So instead of getting out a ruler I devised this method -

First I put regular width masking tape town the middle and in a cross section.  I used these as my guides.  I then added chevrons with the wide masking tape.  At this point I then removed the regular masking tape by peeling it away and then cutting it where the two tapes overlapped.

I then filled in the spaces that were left with more wide masking tape.  This is where I should have pulled out my ruler because some of them weren't spaced out exactly perfect but "Meh.  What ya gonna' do now?"  It's a good thing I'm not a perfectionist.  Sorry to all my readers who are perfectionists, I know you're cringing in horror right now.

I then dabbed on some gold craft paint {similar to this here}and called it a day.  The whole project took maybe 5-10 minutes to complete and I now have a new great little tote that I have been carrying around all weekend.  You know me, if it's fashionable and functional I'm a happy girl!

If you're looking to find canvas bags I've found a bunch on Amazon in neon and plain.  On Amazon they sell them as singles or in packs.  I'm thinking I may just buy a pack of colorful bright canvas totes and make myself some cute grocery bags.  You need to look stylish while grocery shopping, right? 

Thanks Sabrina for the fun new tote!

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  1. Stop the madness Alicia! This is awesome! I just went to Ribbon Retreat and LOVE the skirt/dress idea! How cool!

  2. That is so cute. I would have never thought to tape out the design on fabric. It really worked well.


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