Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rubber Dipped Vases {Tutorial}

Are you guys ready for the simplest project ever?

Today I'm going to tell you how to make rubber dipped vases. 

I know it sounds weird.  Rubber?  Well... yeah.  From pictures, it looks like it could be dipped in paint but it's actually rubber.  The rubber gives a unique texture, feel and security.  It won't chip off, fade or crack like paint would and would also repel moisture.  Plus, it's just cool to work with new materials.

My dear friend Mary was cleaning house and gave me the teeny little vases and the rubber so I thought it was fitting to put them together.  I used them as part of my Ombre Ambiance table setting {though technically they aren't ombre} and I liked how they added to the table without overwhelming it. 

So here's how to make your own rubber dipped vases:


- Vases
- Disposable bowl or cup
- Stir stick or plastic spoon

Plasti-Dip Create Your Color
First, let me explain what Plasti Dip is.  The men in your life have probably already heard of it.  It's rubber coating that is used for coating the handles of tools.  You can purchase it at most hardware stores in the paint section.  It comes in a mini paint can and costs between $10 - $20 a can though you certainly may find it for less.  A little goes a long way.  The most common color that it comes in is black {that's all they had at Lowe's.} but they have a new product called Create Your Color which Mary found here on Amazon.  The rubber in the can came clear and I simply mixed the supplied colors until I got the color I wanted.  The rubber is liquid in the can but firms up once dried.  I still have a lot of rubber left and can't wait to get started on more projects.   {P.S. this post isn't sponsored by Plasti Dip I just thought I would keep you informed on the product.}


Step 1:  In a well ventilated area, open your can of Plasti Dip and pour desired amount into bowl.  Mix in colors until you reach your desired color.

Step 2:  Dip vase bottom into rubber mixture slowly according to instructions on can.

Step 3:  Allow any extra rubber to drip off and let dry.  Repeat process if you want additional coats.

I really love the charm these teeny glass vases now have.

Now it's time to scour the house for more things that should be rubberized!  Can you imagine the possibilities?

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  1. How cool is that? I had no idea you could buy that product, but now that I know, well, there are tons of things I could dip. Love it!


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