Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neon & Navy Pool Bags

 Here is my project for SoYou Think You're Crafty's last weeks Summer Bounty theme.  I love these bags especially since they have been so useful at the pool.  I had some tough competition though and was nearly eliminated!  Let's hope that never happens again!  This weeks theme is Ombre.  So head on over and vote for your favorite.  Hope it's mine!


Neon.  Navy.  Stripes.  Chevron.

The only thing hotter this summer is the weather!

Oh wait for it... all these pool bags only cost $2.  Now that's a HOT deal!

I picked up a navy striped canvas shower curtain from the thrift store for $2 and got to work on making essential pool bags for summer.  The result was 4 bags and a tag to keep all of our pool gear in check. All edges are surged for a finished look and hot pink thread accents the bags throughout.  With accents of neon green and shabby chic hot pink chevrons, simple bags become fun and fabulous!

Duffle:  A repurposed hot pink zipper closes the pleated bag.  On a strap are decorative chevron stitches in hot pink and 3 large chevrons line the front.

Tag:  A simple fabric tag tied with jute, hangs with a clear vinyl cover to keep our pool card within easy reach as we check in.

Clutch:  This clutch is closed using the elastic that comes when you buy a new pair of kids shoes and a bright green large button.

Large Duffle:  A large round bottomed bag.  Using the existing grommets from the shower curtain I strung through some neon green ribbon to use as the bag closure.  The bag also has a shoulder strap for easy carrying which is accented with hot pink chevron stitches all the way down.

Wet Suit Bag:  This bag is made with a piece of table cloth vinyl and uses a thinner version of the neon green ribbon as its drawstring enclosure.

While at the pool taking photos these fun bags had many admirers and offers to purchase the bags but no sale.  These babies are all mine and I know they're going to get lots of use this summer!  
It's nice when useful and fashionable meet!
Now...  who wants to go swimming?!?!

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