Tuesday, August 28, 2012

From Sack to Sweet - shirt refashion

Want to know why my kids are so smiley???

Because mommy just made them new shirts and they are so excited!

Just kidding.
They couldn't care less. 

I told them that if they smiled I'd take them out to lunch.
A mom's gotta' to what a mom's gotta' do.

Even though they are not excited about clothing refashions it doesn't mean mom isn't!

I got this fabric gift bag from a friend a while ago.  It was what inspired me to make reusable gift bags like the one I did HERE.  I always loved the fabric and it was too hard for me to give it away.  So.... I did the only thing I know how, and I refashioned it into a cute new top for the Magster.

See?  Not interested in taking pictures at all. 
Why would she be, when there are bugs to look at?

"Ugh.  Mom!  Enough already!"

Anyone else have a 4 year old teenager?

How it was done:

The insides had French seams so I left those alone.  I cut off the bottom of the bag to give it a straight edge.  This gave me a nice little tube of fabric.

 I then cut a curve for the sleeves.  I was just guessing at this point and I made the sleeve scoop a little too severe.  I ended up cutting off about an inch from the top.  Using a shirt or tank top to guide you may help make sure proportions are right the first time around.

I then folded down the top of the shirt and sewed a casing for the ribbon to go. 

For the bottom, I attached a red ruffle from some scraps in my bin.

This was a great repurposing project for me but you certainly could do this with just regular fabric and ribbon.  It's just a shorter version of a pillowcase dress with a ruffle on the bottom.

Go check out your stash and repurpose something today!  It's a lot of fun!


  1. Cute cute! Your kids are cute and so is that top! I love to refashion clothes. I just post one of them today.
    Yes! I had a 4 year old teen ager when it came to cameras and now he IS one...well a preteen. Good luck! :)
    Great post today thanks!

  2. Yes, I have two teenage four year olds! Laurel just said "What on EARTH do you think you are doing?!" hmmmm....wonder where she heard that?! Love the tops and love her little heels. :)

  3. OMG! That is too cute! Love the red ruffle you added! Found you through Every Creative Endeavor! Pinning!

  4. Well... how cute and creative are you? Adorable.


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