Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Eternal Family Fight

I've been wanting to share more about me and my family and thought I'd share an oldie but a goodie from my personal family blog.  Hopefully you can relate to our little mini me's and it will give you a smile.  Enjoy this exclusive look into the crazy which is us.  :)


John and I get along pretty well most of the time.  We're best friends forever afterall.  But there is one thing that will always cause an argument.  Driving somewhere new.

I would like to think that getting a GPS would save us from arguments but it doesn't.  We used the GPS on my ipod to go to a wedding.  We ended up lost for 2 hours in the ghetto,  and by ghetto I mean we are lucky to not have been murdered because I'm sure no police would even set foot in these neighborhoods.

John has no pet names for me except for Chewbaca.  (I know, so romantic)  He says I'm his navigator.  Which I guess would be cute except I hate being the navigator.  For one, I suck at it and for two, he never listens to his Chewy.  We are both terrible at directions and that spells out disaster every time.

Once we get to our destination we're usually BFF's again but let me tell you, there is no joy in the journey.

I snapped these pictures of Jack and Mags at the grocery store.  Though they were being really good to each other I had to laugh and the resulting pictures.  I showed these to John and said, "Look it's us!"

So here are some captions of us.

"Where are we going again?  Are you reading the directions?"
"Yes!  I'm reading the directions.  I have them right here."

"I don't see this turn we're supposed to take.  I thought you said you knew where we were going?"
"No, I said 'I don't know where we are going.' "

"Ugh.  Chewbaca!"

"Look again.  What does it say?  Do you see road 41?"
"No there is no road 41 on here it just is a blank road.  I have no idea what this means.  I don't want to be Chewbaca anymore!"

"Unbelievable.  How can I trust you to be Chewbaca?"
"I told you a million times.  I'm not Chewbaca.  Here.  Look for yourself - blank road."

Uggghhh..... I'm never driving with this woman again.

And there it is.  An exclusive look at our life {lost} in the fast lane.



  1. That's super funny! The captions go with the kids expressions perfectly.

  2. Is Chewy the navigator or something? I guess I need to know more about star wars. We have a recurring fight over out future unborn childrens name. pretty silly eh?


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