Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tribal Triangles - Potato Stamping Tutorial

I'll never understand why people say to never play with your food.  It's one our earliest creative outlets.  But I guess the last thing mom wants is the meal she just slaved over to become a work of art.  While mashed potato sculptures {anyone remember the movie UHF??} might not be welcome at the dinner table, you can use those potatoes in crafting! 

I had another neon tote on hand and decided that some tribal triangles were in order.  {I already did gold chevrons here.}  The only problem was that I didn't have a triangle stamp.  No worries, I just reached into my cupboard and pulled out a potato and made my own.


- colorful tote bag {similar totes can be found here}
-  craft paint
- potato
-  knife
- masking tape


Step 1:  Cut potato in half.  {My potato was fairly old and was feeling a little rubbery.  I used this one because it was on it's way out and I didn't want to waste a nice one.  However, I don't think it matters if your potato is old or new.}

Step 2:  Cut shape in potato.

Step 3:  Trim off the scraps from the sides.

You should have a nice little stamp now.

Step 4:  Tape off the lines you want your stamp to go in between.  This will serve as a guide to help you stamp in straight rows.

Step 5:  Did potato in paint.  I wanted my triangles to be a little worn so I rubbed the stamp on some cardboard to remove excess paint.  If you want your triangles to be more solid then just dip and stamp.

Step 6:  Using your tape as guides, stamp away!  I alternated the direction of the triangles in each row.

Step 7:  Let dry and remove tape.

And enjoy your new neon tribal triangle tote!

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  1. Great creative and fun too. I am your newest follower.


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