Friday, October 12, 2012

The 7 Layer Ruffle Skirt

Fun fact you probably don't know about me - my computer and my camera are broken and have been for some time, so until I can save up for new ones I've been blogging from my iPod and my husbands laptop late at night when he's asleep and not using it for his Phd.

I have a million projects that I want to show you but it's been hard.  So thanks for sticking with me through these iPod days.  Y'all are the best.

So I'm going through the pictures that I have that didn't get lost on the broken computer and thought I'd show some projects that are old for me but ones that you haven't seen before so

Bah da da bah.....  The 7 Layer Skirt!

I kind of love these sassy colors and prints.  I wish it was easier to photograph - the ruffles don't want to lay flat.  The skirt is 2T and the only 2T kid living in this house is Jackson and he was not interested in posing for photos in it.  In fact, when I went to try it on him to test out the size he screamed and cried, "Nooooo!  Noooo!  I'm a boy!  I'm a boy!"  So yeah, sorry little buddy but that's just the price of being a craft bloggers son.  The skirt lasted on him a total of 10 seconds - he put up an excellent fight.  No model pictures but I'll tell you it just poofs out so cute on his little chubby booty. 

Details:  The skirt has an encased elastic waistband and the ruffles alternate between cotton and two layers of tulle under each patterned layer.  The edges of the ruffle are surged in black.
I'm not quite sure yet what I plan to do with the skirt as it is for a smaller girl than Mags {PS we started to shop in the "big girl" section this week and I cried.  What business do they have growing up so fast?!}.  I may decide to sell it, gift it or have another baby {John is over here shaking his head no} but either way some little girl is gonna' look super cute wearing it.  I mean baby ruffle butts?!?  Nothing cuter than that!


  1. How cute is this?!!! I LOVE those colors & those prints are so cute together!!!! You should auction it off!!!! Use the $$ toward a new computer!! Either way, very nice work!

  2. Thanks Chelle! Great idea! Heaven knows I do need a new computer!

  3. Very very cute! Love all those ruffles. An auction does sound good. Or you could have a giveaway to get more viewers to your blog. A lot of people would love to see the projects you come up with. Either way you would have great success! :)

  4. Really cute skirt! I'd love for you to share this and any other crafts at my new linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!


  5. Love this skirt! I'm so glad that I'm following you, your blog is great!



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