Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Antique Week: Crafting

Continuing on with Antique Week, I had to include some antique craft supplies!  I know that there are so many more little treasures in my mom's house but after rummaging for just a short while I found all of these little beauties.

Hand cross stitched table cloth.  Maybe done by my grandma???

What's more swoon worthy than an antique jar filled with antique buttons?  The lid is to die for.

Tiny ivory crochet hooks perfect for making doilie after doilie.

A very heavy little iron.  This is how it used to be done folks.  You know, when women actually ironed clothes instead of shoving them in the dryer 15 minutes before leaving the house.

A tiny leather knife box lined in blue velvet, a gorgeous, ornate brass lantern to light up your craft room and {gasp!} a wooden thread carousel with wooden spools of antique thread.  And what's that on top?  Why it's a tiny little bowl to hold even more little treasures like these gorgeous lion crest embossed buttons.

I wonder how it will go over when I tell my husband that I now need two craft rooms?  My functional modern one and my display craft room to show off little gems just like these. 

Yep.  Definitely need two craft rooms.  Sorry babe.


  1. Those are so neat! Your mom had all that stuff in her house? That's awesome! I LOVE the thread carousel the most. Antiques are so cool!

  2. Love it!!! Maybe I'd be more crafty if I had a craft room let alone two ;)


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