Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Week In Reno

Last week we had the privilege of visiting Nonie and Grampy in Reno, Nevada.  It was Grampy's 60th birthday and we had to make an appearance.  Luckily Grampy was born at a really fun time and we were able to hit up lots of festivals and events while we were there.

I live in Alabama now (which I love) but I grew up in Reno.  I enjoyed growing up there mostly because there was always some sort of street festival going on.  You may have heard of the recent tragedy at the Air Races where a plane crashed into the crowd.  It's very scary to think of because these festivals in Reno are always packed.  Luckily these types of tragedies are rare (keep those people in your prayers!) and most of the events are fun, fun, fun.


We went to the Rib Cook Off.  These Southerners approve.  The BBQ was gooood and there was so much of it!

We swam at Lake Tahoe.  Always beautiful.

We went to the Camel Races in Virginia City.  They raced ostriches and zebras too.  This ostrich bucked off its rider then proceeded to spin in circles.  It was wild.

We even panned for gold and struck it rich!

We also saw lots and lots of balloons at the hot Air Balloon Festival.

We even got up at 4 am to see the dawn patrol light up the sky.

It was a great week.  Y'all should really check out Reno sometime.  There is always something going on!  I enjoyed my time spent with family (they're the greatest)  but it's always good to be home.  Now maybe I can get back to my true love - crafting and blogging about it.  :)

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