Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh Canada, Here's a Card for Thee...

Here's a set of cards I made a while ago as a gift.  My husband grew up in Canada so we know quite a few Canadians.  I cut out red maple leafs using a template I hand drew.  It took several takes to get it just right, the key is to fold the template paper in half and just draw one side, that way it is symmetrical.  I glued them on some cream colored cards I cut out and rounded and inked the edges.

I thought these could be fun as a Happy Canada Day greeting or just to rub your Canadian pride in.

Cute, eh?

(Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.)


  1. Those are cute! So can I show my craft ignorance and ask - how do you ink the edges? When I was younger, the cool thing was to burn the edges. This has sort of the same look, and I love it!

  2. That's a great question - I take an ink pad (one specifically for crafts because it has a nice spongy surface, an office ink pad wouldn't work and would be really messy) and I lightly brush the pad along the edges. You can also take a small piece of sponge, dab it with ink and then use that to brush along the edges as well.


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