Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Speech Therapy: Action Words

This weeks assignment from the speech therapist was to practice action words.  My first thought was "Lights!  Camera!  Action!"

So introducing the movie themed, "not so quiet book"!

The flash cards her therapist gave me were not as pretty as the animal ones but they really reminded me of Sesame Street.  You know, the only show in the world to have current episodes with the occasional clip of a kid from the 80's. 

Psssttt... Sesame Street, just so ya' know - the feathered bangs are a total giveaway. 
We know you're using stock footage.  You can't even find clothes that outdated at thrift stores anymore. 
Don't be hurt.  I still love you.  I just thought you should know.

 How I did it:

I used my Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge to cut out the green sign and the movie reel.  Because it reminded me of Sesame Street, I remembered an ad I saw in one of my magazines that had the Sesame Street characters so I glued their faces in the movie reel.  I used my Cricut cartridge, All Mixed Up to write the word "ACTION!".  I then laminated the entire page (leaving out the clapper board pieces).

I ten cut out the pieces of a clapper board by hand and laminated them separately.  I sewed the large portion to the main page and attached the small part with a scrap booking brad so she could easily move the top up and down.

She pulls down the top, makes the "cha cha" sound and says, "Action!"  We then pull out a flash card, say the name of the action, "Jump!" and then perform the action.  We then repeat the whole thing.  It's been a fun game and we both really enjoy playing along.  She also loves saying the names of her favorite characters from the show.  So much more fun and effective than just flipping cards!

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