Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bag of Blocks

I finally cleaned my living room.  We picked up every toy and even vacuumed under the couch.  I discovered blocks.  Lot's of them.  Living under the couch.  Homeless.

I had seen The Bag Of Blocks Tutorial from Sewing In No Man's Land and decided that we needed our own Bag of Blocks.  A new craft project excuse?  Yes please.  I felt like I was was being rewarded for all my hard efforts in cleaning the front room so well.

I used the Heat and Bond like she had in the tutorial.  I usually reinforce my appliques by sewing around each of them but this time I didn't.  I regret it because one of the letters is starting to peel off but I'll wait until It comes off completely before I sew all the letters.  It's just not worth the extra time.  It's a bag for blocks.  Not a quilt for the Queen.

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters and hand drew and cut the trees.  I always like to use the fabric I have on hand so this is made entirely out of scraps and cost me nothing to make.

I didn't have enough of the cream fabric so I added stripes to the back to give it more width.  I used French seams to finish it but if I had a serger that would have done the job too.

For the drawstring, I used a cord that I had cut from my Venetian blinds when I first put them up.  The cord was too long for the window so I trimmed it and saved the excess.  Glad I did.  I came in very handy.  I also used scrapbook eyelets for the holes.

Love the bag, but the best part is kiddo loves it too.  She insists that her blocks need to go in there and the living room is staying block free!

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