Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to turn pants into a skirt

My friend Jill gave me these pants that she got for free at a yard sale.  Loved the rose fabric.  Hated that they were pants.  Rose pants?  Really?  Something needed to be done - so I changed them into a skirt!  It seriously took less than 30 minutes to do.  So simple, so worth it.

Two easy steps...

Step 1:  Cut the pants just above the crotch where the fabric lays flattest.

Step 2:  Use the remaining fabric from the legs to make a long strip  (I think I had to sew 4, 4 inch wide strips together.  You want your long strip to be much longer than the width of the skirt bottom so it can ruffle*.) and attach to the bottom of the skirt.

Super easy.  Super cute.


It also helps that this little diva knows how to work it!


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