Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day Treats - Two Ways

At Church every year on Mother's Day the men do something nice for the women.  Sometimes it's flowers, or like this year, it was chocolate.  Well, the women do the same for the men on Father's Day.  This year my friend, Amy at Indulge With Me, was in charge of getting the treat together and she let me help out.  So Amy, Mary and I got together one afternoon to make these -

I used my Cricut to cut out the ties.  I used the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge.  I selected the Prom Boy necktie and put it on the largest setting on my Cricut which is 23 1/2 inches.  The tie didn't come out to be that big but when you cut out individual pieces with the doll cartridge the sizes get a little tricky.  I can explain in more detail if you really want to know but if you have this cartridge you know what I mean.

Anyways, we cut out the ties, wrote Happy Father's Day on them and tied them to a full size candy bar.  So simple.  Just the way men like things.

Every year on Mother's Day and Father's Day, the children make a craft of some sort for their parents.  Our Primary Presidency (the leaders of all the children 18 mo. - 11 years) came up with this adorably clever idea.  They simply cut slits on each side of a white paper lunch sack.  The children glued on a pre cut tie and then folded over the bag to look like the colar on a white t-shirt.  Inside was a handmade card from the children and a yummy cookie.  My husband, John, and I teach the Sunbeam class (3 year old Sunday School) and John was so excited the whole time we were making these.  He made sure one was reserved for him. 

If you know John at all you know he is not easily excited about things.  All day he kept mentioning how fun these two gifts were to get.  So there you have it.  Two ways to do Father's Day Treats that daddy is sure to love.

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  1. YAY Alicia!!! Thank you for posting how to make cute ties! I knew there was a tie cricut and you were the only place that said which cartride (which I happen to have) was. I'm in charge of priesthood preview next month and wanted to decorate and make invites with them. You saved my life ;)


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