Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How To Cut Up A Mango

Sometimes I get sad when people say they love mango's but they can't figure out how to cup them up {because of that huge weird seed in the middle} so they don't ever get them.  Mango's are so delicious!  Don't deny yourself mango's anymore!  I will show you how to slice and dice to your hearts delight.

Step 1:  First things first - get a ripe Mango.  Too hard and the flavor won't be ripe.  Too soft and it will taste fine but will be stringy.  Pick one that is firm but still has a little give when you squeeze it.

Step two:  Turn your mango up so that the pointy tip is pointing toward the sky. Carefully {Don't cut yourself!} place the knife slightly off center and slowly cut downward {I use a slight sawing motion when I cut} following as close to the seed as you can.

 Should look like this when you are done.  See the seed on the one on the left?

Step 3:  Do the same thing you did in step 2 but with the other side.

And it now looks like this.  The seed is on the left.

Step 4:  Do the same thing you did in step 2 & 3 with the skinny sides around the seed. 

Step 5:  Don't let the seed go to waste.  For doing all the hard work you are now to reward yourself by scraping that baby clean.  You can use your teeth for that part.  See?  I even have some mango stuck in mine.  Go to town.

Step 6:  Being careful not to slice through the skin, score lines in the mango horizontally, then vertically.

Step 7:  Push on the back of the mango and flip it inside out.

Step 8:  Use your knife to shave off pieces into a bowl.  I cut it once and then cut it again just closer to the skin the second time.  This part will all depend on what size you want your pieces.

Step 9:  For the smaller pieces, score it the same way but you can lay these flat and fillet the skin off the mango.

Now you can stop being afraid of mangoes and embrace them in all of their deliciousness!


I always put my mangoes in my super tasty, super fresh, super simple Mango Salsa. 

Be sure to go HERE to get the recipe.

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