Monday, August 1, 2011

The Ruffled Mod Dress

Do y'all remember when I showed you the Mod Mod Dress that I designed? 

Well, I used the same basic pattern but with a twist - Ruffles!!

Oh wait, here's another twist - It's completly repurposed!

I got this shirt for free a while ago.  It's Old Navy brand, maybe you've seen this shirt before??  I never wore it but kept it because I liked the fabric.  Time went on and I wasn't doing anything with it so I tried to sell it at a yard sale (twice) for $1.  No takers.  So I turned it into something new.  I bet I could get a $1 for it now.

The main fabric is this shirt.  The lining for the top part is from scraps from my New Glory His & Hers Outfits.  And the hook in the back is from an old bra.  {You can read about that HERE}

I know it's hard to see {the pattern is so busy} but there are 3 tuxedo ruffles down the front of the top.

A double layer of ruffled sleeve.

And right there in the corner {if you squint} there is a little pocket with a little white button closure.

Here's the back.

We tried to pose in the backyard for pictures.

But we were easily distracted by all of the interesing stuff back there.

And then the mosquitoes came and things got itchy.

Real itchy.

And two sad shots later we were done.

"Those darn skeeters!"

Hope you feel inspired to dig around your closet and turn something old into something new!


  1. WHAT the WHAT?! How did I miss this? Seriously so cute!

  2. That looks great! I thought what I did was snazzy when I made my long sleeve shirt into a tank top for myself. This is really something!

  3. I'd LOVE if you would link up to Mommy Club Tuesday Linky! (It shows up both on &!)

    You can link up here:


    PS. I'm your newest follower!

  4. Just lovely! What a fantasic idea, love it!

  5. LOVe the ruffles.....what a darling dress!


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