Sunday, August 7, 2011

So Grateful Sunday: Reno Temple Cross Stitch from Alicia

I need to introduce you to my dearest and oldest friend, Alicia.  No, not me, Alicia.  A-lish-a.  I'm
A-leash-a.  Clear as mud?  That's okay.  We're used to the name confusion.

Alicia and I met my Freshman year of High School (her Sophomore) and we've been besties ever since.  We've been through some good times her and I.  Like tagging random stupid stuff on the walls next to gangster and tag artist's street names.  Yeah we know we're cool.  {Don't worry it was a designated place in Reno for this kind of thing.  No need to call the authorities.}  Do you like how I took a picture of a picture?  I told you she was my oldest friend, we didn't even have digital cameras back then.

Here's a picture of Alicia with her adorable family.  I love that her kids hate pictures just like mine do.
(photo stolen from facebook.  sue me.)

Alicia is amazing.  She is the friend that everyone should have.  She is so generous.  She is always doing things for others and is always thinking about what she can do to help out.  She's a talented photographer and will take any ones pictures for free.  Anytime.  You don't find a lot of people who will do that.  She also takes the time to put on wonderful showers for people (she did my bridal shower!) and they always turn out so fabulous.  I also love that she is so funny.  Seriously, I don't even know if she means to be but everything she says is so thoughtful and hilarious.  She's so stinkin' smart it kills me.  In High School she pretended to play the trumpet because the band was going to Hawaii that year and she really wanted to go.  She was terrible!  But she got to go to Hawaii!  Ha ha.  I wish I could list all of her "best of" moments but this post would be forever.

The thing I love most about Alicia is that she's honest.  Not just the kind of honest where people will return a lost wallet honest.  I mean honest honest.  She will always tell you the truth about anything.  She's not going to sugar coat something just because.  She'll always tell you if your breath stinks or if there's spinach in your teeth.  Everyone needs a friend like that.  One that will tell things to you straight because they care about you.  More people on American Idol need friends like Alicia.  I love that I know that Alicia is always being genuine and true to herself.  And when I get compliments from her they mean so much more to me than anything else because I know that she really means what she says.

Another thing that I think is cool about Alicia is that she's always trying new things and when she makes a goal she follows through.  You don't find many adults that decide that they want to learn to play piano and then go out and do it.  She's gotten quite good too.  So if you're nervous about learning something new or following a dream you should just do it.  Alicia did and it's made her very happy. 

As expected she was at my wedding and she had her camera in hand.  I don't know if she would pick this as her favorite of the roll but I really love it. 

In addition to pictures and a slide show she also gave us this beautiful cross stitch of the Reno Nevada Temple where John and I were married.  It's quite large and very detailed.  Even the tulips in the front are the exact color.  This must have taken her forever to do.  I've cross stitched before I know know the time it takes.  This just blows my mind.

I apologize for the bad pictures it was the best I could get with my skills and lighting issues.  I hope you can get a glimpse though of this gorgeous piece of art.  It has hung on my wall every day and will continue to hang there forever.

I'm so grateful to have Alicia in my life.  It would be so dull without her!  Thanks Alicia for being there for me all these years.  I couldn't have asked for a better friend!

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  1. Loved the "more people on American Idol need friends like Alicia"...hahahah...seriously.

    Alicia is a treasure. I remember when she served as my secretary in R.S. a long time ago...she was so amazing and saved me so many times...just totally on top of things and really cares about people.

    Am I gushing? Good. She also took AMAZING photos of Ollie which I still haven't posted on the blog (poor fourth child that he is).

    Anyway, she really is hilarious and she really is real. I love her. Who knew she could cross-stich? Beautiful!


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