Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menu Board

My friend Sabrina is the best.  She spoils me and my kids rotten.  I love spending time with her and look forward to the summers because that means extra Sabrina time.  She teaches High School science and has 4 {awesome} teenage kids that keep her busy the rest of the year.

Last week we made sure to get in an extra day together before school started back up and she came bearing crafty gifts.  She brought me an 11x14 inch frame {the size you would get for an 8x10 picture with mat} and the idea to make menu boards!  This was something I desperately needed!

I used scraps of 12x12 paper and included a ribbon embellishment.  I cut out letters using my Cricut cartridge, "All Mixed Up", to write Menu and the letters of the days of the week.  Place your page behind the glass and you have an adorable dry erase board to write your menu for the week.

This is the basic idea of a menu.  I'm still new to this planning things out business and this menu got changed about 10 times this week but it's a start.  I already feel like I have dinner better under control.  I love it.  The best part is you can make several backgrounds and switch it up whenever you want.  How fun will it be to do different backgrounds for the Holidays?

Sabrina did 3 different fun backgrounds and this was one of them.  The font was from the cartridge, "Plantain School Book" italic font.  The coolest part about Sabrina's was that she had this amazing idea to attach a magnetic shopping list to the board.

She used e-6000 glue to attach two metal pieces.  The list sticks right on.  She said that she didn't take into account the extra weight on one side but once she used some double sided tape on the back the leaning was no problem  I'm certain an extra hook in the back of the frame would work as well.
Hope you feel inspired to make your own.  This was so simple and fin to do.

Thanks Sabrina!!!


  1. I just made one and I think it is wonderful. Thanks for the tip!

  2. That makes me so happy! Thanks for letting me know!! :)


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