Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Have you seen the posters with a little crown that say


Of course you have.

Because they are EVERYWHERE.

It was cute at first.  Now it's just getting a little crazy.  I'm seeing these posters pop up everywhere.  And they want you to keep calm about almost everything.

{Harry Potter, travel, baking, sewing, typing, getting married, super heros,
fishing, shopping, rocking out, bird watching, dog owning, blah, blah, blah.}

Seriously the list goes on forever.  Click HERE to see my simple google search. 
You'll see what I mean.

Which has me asking -

I just don't get it.  Why is everyone freaking out?  Why is everything so upsetting? 

Have people gone mad?  Are they taking crazy pills?  Is there something I don't know? 

Is there some sort of bioweapon that causes mass panic like in Batman and the only cure is a message from the Queen telling us to keep calm? 

I always thought the cure for anything was more cow bells but surely, this must be it.

My only question left is what's next?


It's the only topic I haven't seen covered yet.

Actually, this one's not so bad. 

I think I'll have to print that one out and put it next to the little potty.  That way, the next time the 3 year old flips out and starts screaming and running away naked in a desparate attempt to avoid the "big girl potty", I'll simply just shake my head, point to the sign and then she'll be calm and completly understand.  It will be a potty training miracle.

Thanks KEEP CALM sign!  Now I understand you.

I kid of course, but seriously, what's up?  Where did these come from in the first place?
Though they are everywhere they still are kind of fun.  Which one is your favorite??


  1. My favorite one is "Freak Out and Throw Stuff"...or "Keep Calm? In This House?!" :)
    I just learned about the history of the "Keep Calm Carry On" sign but it looks like someone else already enlightened you on FB.

  2. Funny, this is honestly the first time I've seen or heard of any of them. Guess I'm living in a cave.

  3. They are everywhere. Years ago I got a computer screen wallpaper or something that said "Keep Calm and Scrap On" I thought it was funny since I was running my own business (stressful) but you are right, there are too many now! I am your newest follower. If you like scrapbooking or card making or paper crafting I would love you to pop over to our blog and follow us too. Have a great day!



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