Friday, July 29, 2011

The Lamp Re-Vamp HIS & HERS

When I found out that this month's Create With Me project at Ucreate was lamps I was so excited.  The CSI Project is also lamps.  I've had two of these lamps for a while now and I just haven't been motivated to do anything with them.  My friend Missy sold them to me at a yard sale (and by sold I mean she gave them to me, she's nice like that) a while ago.  I thought I wanted to use them in my living room so I started to paint them black but then I changed my mind and they sat.

I used the tutorials HERE as a starting point for my inspiration and this is the end result

His & Hers lamps for the kids rooms!  Jackson's theme is dinosaurs and Maggie's is birds.

How I did HIS:
I removed the outside fabric of the shade and used it to trace the proper shape onto grey fabric.  Once I had my fabric cut out I stenciled a "j" onto the fabric and free hand painted the dinosaur.  After letting the paint dry I then hot glued the fabric onto the frame, pulling as tightly as I could.  I finished it off by coating the whole thing in Mod Podge I felt it protected the fabric a little better and would be easier to clean.  I also felt like it helped tighten up any loose patches once the Mod Podge dried and shrank the fabric.  I then hot glued a little piece of ribbon in the inside to cover my seams. 

I may decide to paint the base red in the future but for now I like the blue. 

Looking for more of Baby Jack's decorations? You'll find them here:

How I did HERS:
I removed all of the fabric from the shade and wrapped the top and bottom rings in sisal, using hot glue to secure it in place.  I then wrapped the entire shade horizontally in sisal again using hot glue to secure it in place.  The sisal gave it the nature feel that her decorations have but I also wanted to give it a little birdie so I cut out a tiny bird shape from fabric, sewed it and stuffed it and hung it from a chain to create a faux lamp chain look.

Looking for more of Mags' decorations?  You'll find them here:

Hope you feel inspired to do your own lamp makeover. 
It feels good to have them finished and it really ads a little something special to their room.

Thanks Kari @ Ucreate and The CSI Project for the extra push I needed to get these done!




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