Friday, July 22, 2011

Jean Bean Bag Surprise

My husband and I got married just before our senior year of college.  We were poor.  So so poor.  We were living on love and prayer.  Not a bad way to live actually but it means you don't have a ton of stuff.

To solve a seating issue, I decided to make a bean bag chair.  It's pretty massive.  I used old jeans cut small squares and sewed those into 6 large squares.  The bag is actually one big cube.  At one of the big seams I used the zippers from the jeans for an opening.  Into the opening I shoved an old down comforter I wasn't using and cut up my mattress pad from sleeping on those crappy college room beds all those years for the stuffing.  Free, comfy seating.  It was great.

Here it is  -

(It's seen much better days.  You can tell it's had many years of use.) 
 You can imagine my shock when I heard it giggling the other day.  What in the world?!?

 This thing is so old it grew a kid! 

John thinks it's time to sew up the holes.  I think it's time to say good bye and buy some actual furniture.  Maggie thinks it's perfect just the way it is.


  1. "This thing is so old it grew a kid!" LOL Thanks for brightening my day!


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