Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lace Vase

Are you ready for a simple project anyone can do?


It's so simple even a three year old can do it.


This three year old crafted this darling vase.


Do you let your kids craft with you? 

I hope you do.

Crafting with your kids doesn't have to be all finger paints and pipe cleaners.  Every time I craft I usually have one of my kids by my side.  Sometimes they have important helper jobs like handing me pins when I need them, or sorting out the colors of my button collection, or sitting on my lap as I sew.  They love it.  I love it.  Sometimes you can even hand over the reins and let them take charge.  I bet they'll surprise you.

This is the vase before. 

My wonderful, thoughtful friend Mary gave me a beautiful boquet of flowers when Jackson was born and they came in this tall blue vase.  {I'm officially declaring blue (especially navy) the new IT color.}  This vase has been sitting in my window sill since then and I got the idea to add a little lace to it.  I got some random scraps of lace from Great Grandma Cutts and I'm pretty sure it's vintage.  I wanted to use it in a pretty way so the Lace Vase was born.  I love combining beautiful things.  Plus, it makes me think of Grandma and Mary and that just makes me smile.

  • Glass Vase
  • Lace
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brush

Step 1:  Cut lace to fit your vase.  My lace was in sheets and not on a spool so I had to cut around the flower design to give me a strip of lace with a nice decorative edge. but you can purchase pre-trimmed lace at any craft store.

Step 2:  Place lace on a piece of plastic (I jused a grocery bag) and cover the entire piece of lace in Mod Podge.
Step 3:  (Here's where mom steps in) Place the lace onto your vase and work it until it lays the way you want it to.
Step 4:  Dab Modpodge on top of the lace until the entire piece is completly coated.  Let dry.

{I would consider this project to be semi-permanent.} 

 You can rinse it to wash it and the lace is stuck on pretty well.  However if you ever decide that you want your vase back, sans lace, than you can soak it in water and scrub the vase back to its original state.


Crafting with your kids is SO worth it.  Look at this proud and excited face!

Your vase is fabulous, Maggie.  Simply fabulous.

Nice work baby girl!

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  1. You make me happy too! What a great idea :)


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