Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Felt Board: Under The Sea

Friday morning Maggie and I were looking for something to do.  Baby had just laid down to take a nap so I decided it was time to work on a fun project together.  We made a felt board!  It was so simple and 100% free since I had all of the felt scraps on hand.  Maggie has been playing with it non-stop since.

I took the side off of a huge diaper box and covered it with a sheet of white felt.  I cut the felt to be slightly larger than the cardboard, wrapped it around each side and secured it with a thin strip of hot glue. 

I used white so I could make lots of felt scenes in the future but today was all about the ocean so I cut out a large piece of blue felt for my ocean waves.

I sat with my pile of felt scraps and Maggie dictated to me what she wanted.  Nemo Daddy, Nemo, Dori, Shark, Ariel, and eyes she was very concerned that I was going to forget their eyes.  I even cut out some generic fish and let her color them.  I pieced them together using hot glue.

Each piece was cut by hand without a pattern and in a hurry so some pieces look a little funky.  A 3 year old waits for no one.  But you know what?  It doesn't have to be perfect. 

Do you like my hand-less Ariel ghost?  Haha.

She enjoys it and we spent some quality time together making it. 
That's the only part that needs to be perfect.

When I asked her what her favorite piece was do you know what she told me?

Yes.  Ariel, the hand-less ghost was the catch of the day.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw this later in the evening -

"Maggie!!  What in the world happened to Ariel?!  She's decapitated!"

To which she grabbed the shark and said, "Num, num, num, num (think Jaws theme music) chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp!"

Well, at least she's got imagination.


  1. I love it! I remember doing something like that with my boys when they were about that age.
    Maggie is hilarious! Loved Ariel before and now even better, just because there was a story behind it. "Num, num, num"!
    Aaaah! Making memories!

  2. Looks like fun and a lot of work. My poor kids just watch a lot of tv and play with trains. Maybe you should get some googly eyes. They make tiny ones, although perhaps they would be a choking hazard. My kids like them a lot. Personally I find them somewhat creepy.

  3. Alicia's comment is making me LLOL (literally laugh out loud)...and Maggie is too! HILARIOUS. Love the felt idea...I've been putting felt on the back of laminated church clip art...it's been a long process but fun and I hope we will really use them someday for FHE lessons etc.


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