Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Personalized Glass Etched Bake Ware

Remember yesterday when I showed you the handmade bag for a wedding present? 
Well, here's what's inside:

Personalized Glass Etched Bake ware!

What a perfect way to welcome Rachel into the world of pot lucks!  I'm sure they'll be attending a few over the years.  Plus, we live in the south.  If something doesn't have a monogram on it we don't want it. Haha.

I know it might be a little hard to tell what's what.  I'm no professional photographer.  After all, I take all my pictures with my iPod.  There are 3 pieces of bake ware (9x13, 9x9 & loaf) and they go with the pear theme from the card I made.

The loaf pan has three pears on one sides and "Downs", Drew and Rachel's last name on the other.

The square pan has a pear and "Downs" on just one side.

The 9x13 has "The Downs Family" and two pears etched onto the bottom.  The etching is on the outside of the pan.

Want to know how to make your own?  It's really easy.  I use my Cricut to cut out the images but you could use a variety of other ways including just a plain ol' exacto knife.  Do what works for you.


Step 1:  Cut out image onto cheap vinyl.  (No need to waste the good stuff) 

I use the cheap kind that you can buy for covering books.  You can find it in the school supply section.  I have a fabulous program for my Cricut called Sure Cuts A Lot.  If you don't have this program you need to get it.  You can cut out anything.  And I mean anything with it.  A picture from the Internet, a drawing you made, any font in your computer.  Anything.  I'm not paid to brag about Cricut or Sure Cuts A Lot I just really love them.  The image above is what the program looks like.  I line up what I want cut out in the program, press the cut button and my Cricut goes to town.

Step 2:  Place your vinyl onto the glass and smooth out any bubbles.

Step 3:  Generously apply Armour Etch (you can find this in any craft store for about $8) to the empty spaces of your vinyl.  Let it sit according to the directions, approximately 15-20 minutes.

Step 4:  Rinse off etching cream with water and remove vinyl.

All done!

Note:  If you want to etch the bottom of the pan you'll need to flip the words of your vinyl backwards like in the picture above.  There is a button on the Cricut to do this as well as in the Sure Cuts A Lot Program.  If you do this, when you look down into the pan the words will be the correct way.


  1. I've been meaning to do something like this for a while. Great tutorial.

  2. Love it! And I know they will too! Great job Alicia!


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