Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Grateful Sunday: Ammonite Necklace from My Brother, Collin

I decided to start a new Sunday series called So Grateful Sunday.

So Grateful Sunday will feature something someone has made for me.  It's my chance to show off the great handmade stuff I've been given and reflect on how much I love the givers.  I'm surrounded by so many wonderful, talented people who inspire me  I hope they can inspire you too.


My first So Grateful Sunday is about my brother, Collin.  Collin is 4 years younger than me (he has a twin, Ian) and is one of the most generous people that I know.  When I was in college he heard I didn't have a DVD player so he bought me one.  I once mentioned that I like the old school Nintendo games so he scoured thrift stores until he found me one.  He's so thoughtful.  He's always giving, and I tell you what, no one spoils my kids like Uncle Collin.

Collin works as an Explosives Ordinance Specialist for the US Army and served for over a year in Iraq.  He makes our country proud and our family proud.  He's a great guy. 

Oh yeah and did I mention he's totaly cute?  And single?  He's also a homeowner, has great investment skills, he's funny, smart and he even has read Twilight (thanks Collin, for letting me talk your ear off about whether it would be cooler to be a vampire or a werewolf).  How great is he?  Ladies, if you live in Washington and are looking for an excellent man, here here is.

Okay, enough pimping out my brother.  Let's get to what he made me -

For my birthday this year Collin made me a necklace.  Amanda, Ian's girlfriend, used to work at a place called Shipwreck Beads.  Collin went to visit one day and went nuts buying beads. 

He used heavy black and dark green stones as the main part of the necklace and for the main piece he got this beautiful Ammontie, wrapped in silver.  I majored in Geology in college which makes this even more thoughtful and special.

He didn't just stop with the necklace, he also made me a pair of earings with the black beads. 
 I forgot to take a picture though.  Oops.

This was his first jewelry making experience but I have to say, he did an excellent and professional job. 
It's a necklace I will treasure forever.

Thanks Collin!


  1. Wow Colin is all grown up! Good lookin' is right!:) Love the necklace and loved the picture of you two together!

  2. Lovely necklace, very talented brother you have! My little brother is a Colin aswell (but spelt a little different). I laughed out loud at your 'pimping him out' comment.


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