Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Grateful Sunday: My Brother Ian and His Koi Fish Painting

This is my baby brother, Ian. 

He's super talented and I really love him.

This is his girlfriend Amanda.

She's super cute.

They're having a baby soon.  I can't wait for my first little nephew on the O'Boyle side.  I'm working on some crafts for the little guy but that's going to have to wait, because today is all about Ian.

Ian is twins with Collin.  I know, they look nothing alike.  You will not find more opposite twins.  Ever.  But like his brother Collin, Ian is also stand up guy and is really special to me.
Ian kind of has two personalities.  The sensitive side and the wild side.
Ian's always looking out for others.  Have you watched that show What Would You Do? where they show crazy things happening to see if anyone steps in?  Well, Ian would be the one to jump in every time, even if its dangerous or inconvenient.  Just the other day on his way to work he witnessed a car accident.  He stayed with an older woman who was upset and clueless as to what to do and stopped the other lady from driving off.  Even though it meant missed time from work he stayed to help them out.

One time he was driving and saw something move along the side of the road.  He pulled over and it was a premature baby deer!  The mother had been killed by a car and the baby was expelled from the mothers stomach.  He held the deer and comforted it, probably saving it's life, until police were able to come and rescue it.  Can you imagine?

Needless to say, Ian will always have your back.

He's compassionate and kind but as I mentioned before this kid is also crazy wild.  I swear, he's lucky I let him live through his childhood, this boy drove me crazy.  He was always a performer and having my friends over meant putting on a show in his mind.  Although he made me nuts sometimes I have to admit he was very entertaining and funny.

When I was bringing my serious boyfriend home for the first time to meet the family, Ian caught wind that John (my now husband) was a conservative, shy, Canadian, hands to yourself, kind of guy.  Ian made sure not to bathe and put on the shortest 70's shorts he could find and knee high socks.  When John walked through the door, Ian ran to him, threw his arms around him, nuzzled his head on John's chest and proceeded to tell him how excited he was to meet him.  For 5 minutes!  It's a miracle John didn't run out screaming after that!  Ha ha.  Gosh Ian is funny.  You've just gotta' love those wild ones.

Oh and did I mention he's super talented too?

For our wedding Ian painted me this gorgeous painting.  It's 2 feet x 3 feet and the colors are just stunning.
We had an Asian themed wedding.  I thought it would be fun and it was. 
Ian wanted to make something to go along.  Isn't it beautiful?
Just look at the detail...

It's been hanging in random places around the house since then but I think I've found the perfect spot for it.  You'll have to see when I've finished with the whole room.

Happiness and Harmony.

It was his wish for our future.  I wish you and Amanda the same for yours.

I love you Ian!  Thanks for the beautiful painting!

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  1. Wow, who knew Ian was so talented?! That is awesome work!


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