Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Speech Therapy: Two Syllable Words

Maggie is my 3 year old with Speech Delay, she's pretty far behind in her speech in comparison to most kids her age.  She's in speech therapy and has been improving so much.  She even has a few sentences here and there.  Why just today she told me to, "Get in timeout now!"  Lovely. 

This weeks homework was to practice two syllable words.  I think there was a legitimate term for what the words are exactly but I forgot.  But basically words that are two syllables that go beyond "mama"/"dada" stuff.

I wanted to incorporate Maggie's favorite two syllable word into this one.  


In case you couldn't tell that's "Surprise".  She like to hide in plain sight, jump up and shout it at me. 
I'm "suh-pised" every time.  :)

 We lift up the top of the present, say "surprise", ask "what is it?" and then practice saying the name of the picture.  It's been a lot of fun and making a game out of it makes her want to keep going.  Once all the pictures are out we then say "night night dirty", "night night teddy" "night night pony" and then put them all away.
 How I did it:

I laminated a piece of blue paper.  Separately I created a present the box and the lid out of scrapbook paper.  I laminated each piece separately.  I then used my sewing machine to sew around the 3 outer edges of the box to secure it to the blue paper, leaving the top open to store cards.  I sewed the lid on around the bow.  I also laminated each card.  On the back of the cards I wrote the name of the picture and a breakdown of the sounds.

What a "suh-pies that two syllable words could be this much fun!


  1. This is awesome! My son has a speech delay too and we've been going through speech therapy for a couple years now (he just turned 5). The last 6 months have been incredible! Everyone has noticed a huge improvement... I wish that I had had your inspired ideas to help us through the early stages!

  2. Oh how wonderful! I know you both have been working very hard. It's also nice to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. :)


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