Thursday, June 28, 2012

SYTYC Voting Today!

UPDATE: Whoopsie! I thought there was one more day of voting but I guess I was wrong. The good news is my quilted stationary made it to the next round so I'll be back next week. That project is one of my all time favorites so I can't wait! I can't believe I've been slacking on posting about this but this week is the official start of So You Think You're Crafy and I'm competing to be super awesome craft lady {working title}.

Friday is the last day to vote.  I can't tell you which is mine but maybe you will notice my style in my project.  Head on over and check out my fierce competition and vote for your favorite!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The School Tee

Here's another fun t-shirt idea for kids {or even grown up kids too!} The School Tee.

I've seen this idea floating around the internet for a while so this Christmas I made one for Mags.  It was REALLY easy.

I painted blue stripes every inch or so across the whole shirt.  I left it streaky because that was always the lined paper I liked but if you want yours more solid a paint pen would work really nicely.  I then added a more solid red line down the side.  For the holes I just colored them in with a permanent marker.

Now I don't know about you but I wasn't always the most studious or focused.  My former school mates can testify.  So instead of notes on my papers they were most definitely filled with scribbles.  This tee needed scribbles.  Using a fine tipped permanent marker I drew a few little scribbles to make this tee a little more personalized.

Sadly, Miss Mags got to wear her special tee in public only once, on New Years Eve.  After a nice family outing to a UAB basketball game she cut the palm of her hand.  8 hours and 3 stitches later, we rang in the New Year in the ER.  Yay.  Let's just say, the shirt got a little ruined in all the excitement.  Guess that just means I have an excuse to make another one!

To view details on other tees from The Creative Vault click on the picture



Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuxedo Ruffled Reversible Dress

Last week I got to go to a baby shower for a friend of mine.  She has twin 2 year old boys and is about to have a baby girl.  It's about to get really fun over at her house!

For her gift I made her a little dress from vintage fabric I got from Great Grandma.  I used the Kaileigh Dress pattern from Grits and Giggles.  The dress is reversible!  For this dress though only the plaid side had decoration the reverse side is just the plain pink you see in the ruffles and the ties at the top.

For this dress I wanted to keep things simple so I added 3 little tuxedo ruffles down the front and called it a day.

Just another way to add a little character to a simple little dress!.

To see more pics of my other reversible dress click here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Car Play Mat & Storage Bag

I said I needed to show you more boy stuff so here's a fun one!

I wanted to show you something that had it all - Sewing, scraps, BOYS {and Girls!}, play, Imagination, DETAILS,  repurposed, STORAGE, cute fabric, Bright Colors... you get the point.  I hope I didn't disappoint!

Introducing.... The Car Play Mat & Storage Bag!

Each piece was drawn and cut by hand and appliqued onto the mat.  With a park, zoo, speedway, beach, neighborhood and church there is a whole town full of imaginative adventure waiting to happen.  Each piece of fabric was chosen to look authentic, waves for the ocean, brick for the zoo wall, florals for the bushes and trees, cobblestones and sand, even the stained glass windows on the church, etc.  Let's just say, I have a lot of random scraps around the house!

The kids love to play with the mat but the fact that the mat is easily cinched into a bag to store all those little cars is what gets momma REALLY excited!  We can easily carry the bag with us to appointments and activities to keep us entertained during those long waits.  And when we are done, one tug of the cord and "bloop!" all cleaned up.

I think everyone needs a Car Play Mat & Storage Bag.  I hope you agree!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Nursery Blocks & Subway Art

Welcome to my new followers!  At first glance it might seem like this is a sewing blog.  But really it's an everything blog.  I've just been addicted to sewing lately.  So let's mix it up shall we?

Today I thought I'd show you a little baby gift I made for a friend a while ago.  You guys, this baby is so cute and small and sweet.  Babies are just the best.

I made these little nursery blocks from my scrap wood pile.  I wish I would have taken their measurements but they were pretty petite.  I think the big one is a one inch board that's 10 x 7 {I don't know, I'm just making that up really} and the smaller blocks are made from 2 x 4's.

The smaller blocks are for sitting on a shelf but the subway art has a metal tooth hanger on the back and has the option of being hung.  For the images I used my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot program.

For the owl I used a vinyl stencil of the outline of the owl and painted the entire thing brown.  Once it was dry I cut out another stencil that had the eyes, feathers and wings and stenciled that part white.

To create the aged look to the finish I randomly painted brown spots on the edges and corners.  I then rubbed Vaseline over the brown spots and then covered the whole thing in pink paint.  The pink didn't want to stick to the parts that were Vaselined and I rubbed the pink away in those areas with a baby wipe.  It gives it a shabby chic vintagey feel.

For the tree I just did the same thing as the owl.  I use one stencil and painted the whole thing brown and then made another stencil for the leaves and trunk and painted that one white.  Just a simple layering of stencils can make for a fun result.

Simple little keepsake blocks that anyone can make.  If you don't have a cutting machine you can make a stencil with vinyl and an exacto knife or even try a little hand painting.  You could conjure up your skills from the days of toll paining in the 90's.  {Please tell me I'm not the only one that remembers toll painting.}

Now,  what I really need to do to switch it up is show you some boy crafts.  Stay tuned.  I'll be showing you a really fun one next!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Guest Posting at U-Create Today!

I told you that the Bubble Ruffle Tu-Tu tutorial was coming this week and in a BIG way but I bet you didn't think it would be this big!  I mean, UCreate?!  That's like the craft blog equivalent of appearing on the the Tonight Show!  I've been giddy for days.  My mom is like, "Yes dear, I'm excited for you but please stop calling me every 5 minutes to remind me about it."  Sorry mom.  I just can't contain my excitement!

For the tutorial I created another skirt, the pink one, and I think I might love it more than the first one.  It's definitely Maggie's rock and roll wild child style.  I also made the heart shirt several months ago but I have yet to have blogged about it.  I just cut down an old shirt of mine and appliqued a pink heart on it {also from an old tee}.

But enough about all of that.  Head on over to UCreate and check out the tutorial!  EEEEKKK!!!

* If you're visiting for the first time I'd love it if you stuck around and followed along.  We have some good times around here and I'd hate for you to miss out.  You should find all you need to follow in the bar on the right.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Things Are Happening Up In Here

Hey y'all! It's getting fun over here at The Creative Vault.!
I'd like to announce that I'm a contestant this season on So You Think You're Crafty!

I'm kind of obsessed with competition and this is the funnest one there is.  Each week we are given a theme and have to create a craft based off of that theme.  I have all of the themes {which are awesome} and I hope I can stay in the competition for the long haul so I can show off them all.  If not, you fine folks will get to see them all here I guess. 

This week though there is no theme, just whatever we wanted to show.  It's a project you've never seen before from me.  I can't tell you which project is mine but you should totally go over to SYTYC to vote for your favorite project.  Lots of good talent!

Jackson says, "I'm so nervous!  Keeping my fingers crossed that you pick my favorite project!"

{Man this kid is cute and boy oh boy my house is messy!}

P.S.  If you missed it I did a guest post at SYTYC with my Personalized Christmas Card Bookmarks, earlier this year.

In other news, all of you who have been patiently waiting for The Bubble Ruffle Tu-Tu Tutorial will not have to wait much longer.  It's coming this week in a big, BIG way.

I know, I know, it's so annoying to keep secrets and drop hints but I have to do it.  
Plus, it just makes things more interesting right?

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