Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Doggie Princess

"Yay! Doggie Princess!"

That's what she shouted when she opened this gift Christmas morning.  Ummm... sure... whatever you say,   Doggie Princess it is then!

I had a pretty clear idea of what t-shirts I wanted to make for Jackson for Christmas {you can see the Batman shirt HERE} but I was stumped with Mags. So I just simply asked her.  We looked at all sorts of images online and she kept saying she wanted the doggie.  Using my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot program I made a freezer paper stencil and painted a Dachshund onto a pink shirt I got at Hobby Lobby for $3.  I felt like it was just too plain so I had sewed four plastic pearls to her neck to give her a nice blinggy collar.

She was so excited about it and has been so happy to wear it.  Mission accomplished.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Da na na na na na na na BATMAN!!!

Did you sing the title of this post in your mind {or even better, out loud}?? I sure did!

For Christmas I made Jackson this cool little boys shirt.  I think my husband felt like it was the first time I used my craft talents for good {you know, manly stuff} instead of for evil {like spending all our money at JoAnn's}.

I got the inspiration for this shirt from a similar shirt that I found on Pinterest.  The link and several Google searches took me nowhere so I had to wing it.  I played around in Microsoft Paint to create the image and then I used my Sure Cuts A Lot program and Cricut to cut out a freezer paper stencil.  I painted the masks using a metallic gold craft paint.  I got the black shirt from Hobby Lobby for $3.

Jackson has no idea who Batman is but he likes the shirt.  I think he gets the vibe that in the future he and dad will be spending many a Saturday morning bonding over these two dudes.

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