Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Glory His and Hers Independence Day Outfits

Remember when I showed you last year's Independence Day dress and I told you I had big plans for this year?  Well, here it is. 


New Glory, His & Hers

Red, White and Blue.  Not a more beautiful combination.

Want to know what these outfits used to be???

 Grampa Pants!!

I've had these pants for what seems like forever.  I bought them at the thrift store, Saver's, in Reno.  I haven't lived there in forever so I must have been holding onto these for at least 8 years or more.  I don't know why I loved them so much.  Probably because they made my butt look awesome.  But it was time to face reality, I don't fit in them anymore and really, no mom should be wearing them.  I'm not saying I should be wearing mom jeans but pants like these are best kept in our early twenties and used for riding long boards in parking lots late at night.

So....  goodbye Old Glory.  Welcome New Glory!

 I made these outfits using patterns that I created. 

I've been loving BIG bows and HUGE pockets and thought that this dress needed to incorporate both.  Mags loved the pockets so much I caught her smuggling books to church in them.  The main body of the dress is a lightweight navy cotton.  I wanted it it be nice and cool for the hot summer.

Jackson's romper is a take on the typical Southern boy outfit.  The anchor is appliqued on.  I made some pretty big mistakes in the pattern but they were easy to fix in the end.  I wish I would have measured a little more thoroughly because it is exactly the right length.  The way this kid eats he's not going to be wearing it too much longer.  The shoulders have button closures.  Again I wanted a nice cool outfit for the hot summer.

Sweet Home Alabama! 

 Now, I don't want you to think that I plan out photo shoots where I get my kids to share an apple because it would make for a cute picture or have my daughter stare off dramatically into space for effect.  Because I don't.  In fact, you should feel sorry for me because every one in my family hates getting their picture made.  Hates it.  So I suck it up and instead of thinking of those other blogs where the cute kids smile, and laugh, twirl and pose in their new outfits mommy made them, I grab my ipod (because maybe they won't notice it's taking pictures) and start clicking away in the hopes that there is a decent one.  So you get to see Mags try and pull out her hair bow and run away from the camera.  You get to see that my kids have no interest in pictures, or putting down their breakfast. 


Oh well, at least they're still cute in their new outfits and ready to celebrate America!


Two years in a row!
2011 & 2012


  1. I am DYING over here! These are beyond adorable!!! LOVE them! Good work Alicia! I love the pockets, bow and especially the anchor! ADORABLE!!!

  2. I want to pinch those little chubby boy legs. Seriously they are asking to be squeezed. Cute pictures on the steps. Glad you finally got some of them together that are good enough to put up.

  3. You are amazing! Those outfits are soooo cute, not to mention those kids also!

  4. Those outfits are adorable!

  5. those outfits (and kiddos) are seriously precious! And I can't believe they came from grandpa pants! Talk about upcycling! And I'm a fellow AL blogger- so nice to 'meet' you. I'm visiting from the CSI project.

  6. These outfits are just so cute - I love how they are matching without being the same. Tone

  7. They are soooo cute!! Your sure to get through to the final! Love your blog, great tip about rubbing the wax on the photo frame before painting to expose the other colour and the bird quilt is adorable!

  8. Those outfits are so cute!! I found you from Sew you think you can sew. I'm a new follower. :)

  9. So adorable! I love refashioning and you did it perfectly. I've featured these outfits at Grits and Giggles. Stop by and grab a featured button! xoxo

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It really makes my day!

  11. Hi Alicia, These outfits are adorable! Good luck with the PR&P audition. I'm your newest follower and would love to have you drop by Moose Mouse Creations for a visit sometime!

  12. Alicia,

    Thanks so much for entering your darling outfits into Season 4. You are so talented...and I love that you use grampa pants.

    Love your blog...I got lost in your shark birthday part for a while this morning. What a cute party!

    We can't wait to see what you are up to next....

  13. I was planning on voting for yours- so sad you didn't make it in the top 5- you were in my top 5! Hope you do some of the sew alongs. I love anything with a nautical theme- I have a big sister/little brother combo here and haven't sewn any clothes for my son yet so your matching set is wonderful inspiration for me. Thank you!

  14. Very cute! Definately one of my favorite entries in project run and play

  15. SO stinking cute! I love both these looks!

  16. Oh wow! Thank you so much guys. I was feeling disappointed that the outfits didn't make it to the finals but your kind words have really just lifted my spirits. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

  17. I love that they match, but are still distinctly boy/girl outfits! what a great job!!

  18. This is so cute! Found it on Pinterest. What a talented momma you are! I'm your newest follower.


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