Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp Craft Series: Friendship Bracelets

Hey y'all!  I missed you.  I've been busy at girls camp.  What's girls camp?  Every year all of the girls from our Church, (all over the world) ages 12-18 get together and go camping.  They hike, practice survival skills, learn and grow spiritually and just have fun.  It's the best (and this is coming from a non-camper)!  This year I was asked to be the craft lady.  I have been working with my amazing co-craft lady, Natalie, for months on the crafts.

To save others the time it took for us to put these together, I'm including all the details on each craft, supplies, websites, tutorials, etc. as well as show off creative examples from the girls. 

We planned for crafts for about 100 people (girls and leaders).


I'm starting off the series simple with

Friendship Bracelets


We all remember friendship bracelets.  They're the best. 
Did you know that there is an on-line community of friendship bracleteers? 
(Totally just made up that word.) 

If you go to you can get TONS of pretty amazing patterns and instructions for thousands of different kids of bracelets.  Some of them are pretty incredible.  You can also upload pictures of the bracelets or patterns you've made to share with the community.  Definitely worth checking out.

We knew that there would be girls who had made Friendship Bracelets before so we didn't provide them with many instructions.  We did have a book available that we got from a closet at the Church with instructions, but I don't think it was used much.

  • Embroidery Floss
  • Duct or Masking Tape (to hold bracelet in place on table)
  • Safety Pins (to hold bracelet in place on jeans)
  • Key rings (optional)

 We bought two packs of this big pack of embroidery floss from Hobby Lobby for $19.99 each.  We only ended up using one.  The craft was very popular but 150 bunches goes a long way.

This giant knot of thread was all that was left of the pack at the end of the week.  We also had several safety pins left over as well as key rings.  The pins and rings were purchased at The Dollar Tree.

This was a very popular and inexpensive craft and we are saving the other package for the girls to do next year.  A must have for any camp.

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