Monday, June 11, 2012

Car Play Mat & Storage Bag

I said I needed to show you more boy stuff so here's a fun one!

I wanted to show you something that had it all - Sewing, scraps, BOYS {and Girls!}, play, Imagination, DETAILS,  repurposed, STORAGE, cute fabric, Bright Colors... you get the point.  I hope I didn't disappoint!

Introducing.... The Car Play Mat & Storage Bag!

Each piece was drawn and cut by hand and appliqued onto the mat.  With a park, zoo, speedway, beach, neighborhood and church there is a whole town full of imaginative adventure waiting to happen.  Each piece of fabric was chosen to look authentic, waves for the ocean, brick for the zoo wall, florals for the bushes and trees, cobblestones and sand, even the stained glass windows on the church, etc.  Let's just say, I have a lot of random scraps around the house!

The kids love to play with the mat but the fact that the mat is easily cinched into a bag to store all those little cars is what gets momma REALLY excited!  We can easily carry the bag with us to appointments and activities to keep us entertained during those long waits.  And when we are done, one tug of the cord and "bloop!" all cleaned up.

I think everyone needs a Car Play Mat & Storage Bag.  I hope you agree!


  1. This is absolutely brilliant I hope you'll add it to my link party!


  2. You have crafted a stunning piece of art, Alicia. Your work is not only colorful but also very versatile. It’s really practical to have a storage bag like this, where you can place your stuff without taking up too much space in your room. By simply hanging this on your wall, you can already avoid messing up the place. This will not only serve as storage, but also an ornamental décor that you can hang in your room.

    Ericka Muldowney

  3. Such a great project! Definitely pinning this for Hudson in a couple of years! :)

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  5. We can easily carry the bag with us to appointments and activities to keep us entertained during those long waits. And when we are done, one tug of the cord and "bloop!" all cleaned up. car sweepstakes

  6. I like your idea of the tabs on the outside of the bag. I tried making one with a casing and can't cinch it up to close the hole. Do you have dimensions of your playmat and tabs and also, did you use cording or a flat grosgrain type material to close it up? A tutorial of the basic mat would be great (and much appreciated).

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  8. Love the idea of liquorice allsorts, by using bias along the rows. This is a Playmat. Thanks for sharing your great tutorial.


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