**  This page is not up to date with all the tutorials The Creative Vault has to offer.  You can find tutorials my clicking on the tutorials label in the sidebar.  Thank you for your patience as I work on updating.

Shaun the Sheep Cupcakes
Personalized Christmas Card Bookmarks
Fall Fabric Hoops
Paper Bag Cowboy Costumes
Personalized Nursery Frames

Art Bags

How To Cut Up A Mango

Salvage! Salvage! Salvage
The Lace Vase
Personalized Glass Etched Bakeware

How to Un-Gunk Your Mod Podge

Stars & Stripes Forever Tie-Dye

Camp Craft Series:  Journals

Camp Craft Series:  The Good Deed Tree

Camp Craft Series:  Headbands with Interchangeable Bows

 Camp Craft Series:  Personalized Washer Necklaces

Camp Craft Series:  Wooden Frames

Camp Craft Series:  Locker Magnets

Camp Craft Series:  Friendship Bracelets

How to turn pants into a skirt

Adult Tee into Toddler Tunic

Actual Size Paper Dolls

Two Ways To Revamp Canvas Shoes

Storage Solutions: 
Fabric Covered Grocery Bag Holder


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